CIO Talks. Adopting new technologies

CIO Talks. Adopting new technologies
WEBCAST, 16th February, 14:00-16:30 h


The adoption of new technologies in various industries can have a significant impact on their productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. And also, it is rapidly changing the way companies operate and interact with customers.

Some of the key new technologies include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

These technologies are enabling companies to improve their efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and gain a competitive advantage. For example, AI is being used to automate repetitive tasks, improve fraud detection, and personalize the customer experience. Big Data and analytics are being used to better understand customer behavior and improve decision making. Cloud computing is allowing companies to access and store vast amounts of data at lower costs. IoT is enabling companies to offer new and innovative products. Blockchain is being used to improve the security and transparency of transactions. RPA is automating manual, repetitive processes, and improving operational efficiency. VR/AR is being used to improve customer engagement and training.

Examples of industries that have adopted new technologies include:

  • Automation and robots in the manufacturing industry, which led to increased productivity and process efficiency.
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT are becoming widely used in insurance throughout the value chain, from sales, and underwriting, until claims payment, and support services, with an emphasis on prevention
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the medical field, which allowed the development of more accurate and personalized diagnostic and treatment tools.
  • Blockchain in finance, which has led to the development of more secure and transparent systems for the transfer of funds and sensitive information.
  • Virtual and augmented reality in the entertainment industry, which have transformed the way people connect with media content.

The adoption of new technologies requires investments in resources and training, but can offer significant advantages in terms of cost, performance, and innovation.

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 Introduction: Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania


Session title: Modernize with cyber resilient multi-cloud data protection
Synopsis: Faced with increased customer expectations and the urgency of developing new business models, banks are accelerating transformation with investment in emerging technologies to drive innovation and ultimately increase their competitive advantage and create new revenues and margins.  In this context Dell Technologies has built consistent solutions to tackle current and future FSI use cases with the broadest portfolio of solutions and partners.​ In this session, we will discuss key trends and challenges in FSI, the Dell Technologies strategy to create value supporting customers introducing innovation and a review of key trusted solutions to enable new use cases. In this context, Dell Technologies offers great solutions that integrate Intel® processors.​
Speaker: Marco Mengotto, Financial Services Practice Leader EMEA, Dell Technologies


Session title: The impact of the New Technologies on the value chain
Synopsis: The new technologies are reshaping the value chain of the business. The paradigm shift is moving the IT discussions from operation to value creation. These technologies are disruptive because they are creating new opportunities, increasing customer experience. To be successful you need to understand, to know, and approach accordingly with new technical and new management skills should be devop. The I of CIO acronym will bring together the Information and the Innovation.
Speaker: Călin Rangu, Dean of Economics and Business Administration Faculty, Danubius University, Vice President CIO Council Romania


Session title: The Rise of Generative AI and Its Impact on Our Work and Lives.
Synopsis: The rise of generative AI refers to the increasing use and development of AI models that can generate new content, such as text, images, and sounds. This technology has the potential to impact both work and personal life in various ways. It can automate tasks that were previously performed by humans, such as writing articles, composing music, and creating visual content. It can assist human workers in performing tasks more efficiently and quickly, freeing up time for other tasks. It can create new forms of content that were not previously possible, such as realistic virtual environments and unique forms of music and visual art. As AI models become increasingly capable of generating creative content, there may be concerns about the ownership and authorship of that content, as well as the impact on human workers who may be replaced by AI models. We will go briefly to all potential applications; we will introduce several practical cases and we will shortly screen the ethical and societal implications of this technology and how these links to our present and future life.
Speaker: Dragoș Stănescu, CIO Syngenta, CIO Council Romania Member


PANEL: Adopting new technologies


Dan Bogdan, SG Technology Consulting Manager, Dell Technologies
Cătălin Popescu, Director of Engineering for Garrett Motion Operation
Alfred Brujban, CIO Council Member
Yugo Neumorni, CIO Council, President
Moderator: Andreea Ioniță, Chief Digital & Technology Officer at E.ON


Conclusions: Moderator: Andreea Ioniță, Chief Digital & Technology Officer at E.ON România, CIO Council Romania Board Member


<p><strong>Călin Rangu </strong></p>

Călin Rangu 

Dean of Economics and Business Administration Faculty, Danubius University Vice President CIO Council

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<p><strong>Marco Mengotto </strong></p>

Marco Mengotto

Financial Services Practice Leader EMEA, Dell Technologies

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<p><strong>Dragoș Stănescu</strong></p>

Dragoș Stănescu

CIO Syngenta, CIO Council Member

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<p><strong>Dan Bogdan</strong></p>

Dan Bogdan

ISG Technology Consulting Manager, Dell Technologies

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<p><strong>Cătălin Popescu</strong></p>

Cătălin Popescu

Director of Engineering, Garrett Motion, CIO Council Member

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<p><strong>Alfred Brujban</strong></p>

Alfred Brujban

CIO Council Member

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<p><strong>Andreea Ioni</strong><strong>ță </strong></p>

Andreea Ioniță 

Chief Digital & Technology Officer at E.ON România, CIO Council Romania Board Member, Moderator

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<p><strong>Yugo Neumorni</strong></p>

Yugo Neumorni

CIO Council, President, Moderator

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