CIO Talks. How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses?

CIO Talks. How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses?
WEBCAST, 7th March, 14:00-16:30


The artificial intelligence is becoming a mature technology. So mature that we even start to inquire how far it will go and if AI will reach the science-fiction dystopias. We interact with artificial intelligence (AI) daily and but sometimes we don’t even realize it.We have it at home, on internet chatbots, on call centers and on our cars and on all our electronic devices. In business the AI driven transformation are so prefund. We can forecast the energy production with AI considering the weather forecast, we can predict the consumption of the large group of population, we can forecast the best suitable maintenance periods with AI and machine learning. Understanding the end user behavior with AI becomes common procedures in retail business and agriculture and medicine has tremendous progress with AI.


  • Trends and technologies in AI. Artificial Intelligence maturity level.
  • Use cases: AI / ML in energy, financial, retail, health or manufacturing
  • Democratization of AI: creating a foundation for broad intelligence
  • How can AI, ML and complex algorithms to support companies’ growth?
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence. The last cybersecurity defense layer.
  • Artificial Intelligence and ethics. Will AI replace humans?
  • How to start an AI project?

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14:00-14:05 Introduction
Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania


14:05 – 14:25 Session title: Democratizing Artificial Intelligence
Synopsis: This presentation illustrates the development of AI in business from today to what we can expect during the next years. It explains the evolution from “AI as an extension of infrastructure” to “AI is the infrastructure”. It helps to address that change in the daily business and to prepare for the constantly changing requirements to come.
Speaker: Dell Birger Ferber, AI Lead of the Data Centric Workloads and Solutions Group (DCWS) in EMEA at Dell Technologies


14:25 – 14:45  Session title: AI is strategically important to the future of European organizations, from better data analysis to more extensive adoption of digital twins.
Synopsis: It is hard to separate reality from perception when understanding the adoption dynamics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). When PAC surveyed European leaders to understand how mature organizations considered themselves to be regarding their approach to digital transformation, data management, and their use of AI, almost 30% of them felt they were behind their respective industries’ leaders regarding their digital transformation and AI initiatives. In this session, we will show the main results of PAC’s survey regarding AI adoption and the approach and strategy regarding analytics. We will also present why digital twins are considered essential for value creation in the industrial world.
Speaker: Eugen Schwab-Chesaru, Vice President for Romania and Eastern Europe, Pierre Audoin (PAC)


14:45 – 15:05  Session title: The value of generative AI for security teams: what is the potential impact that generative AI will have on enterprise security
Synopsis: We will discuss the practical case on how to use generative AI to create narrative intelligence and risk reports to offer defenders (enterprises) greater context for security incidents. Doing this, it automatically generates executive briefings, key findings and mitigation steps (helping security teams manage security incidents more efficiently). Traditionally, risk analysts spend huge amounts of hours each month attempting to prioritize the most crucial online risks for their teams or clients. This new approach decreases the user’s workload (users can faster develop insights into risks throughout their environments in real time)”. Not a totally game changer but a big step in terms of productivity and effectiveness on providing better security on spot.
Speaker: Dragoș Stănescu, CIO Syngenta, CIO Council Romania Member


15:05- 16:05 PANEL: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Businesses?


  • Bogdan Ioniță, Systems Engineer, Dell Technologies
  • Eugen Schwab-Chesaru, Vice President for Romania and Eastern Europe, Pierre Audoin (PAC) 
  • George Lazăr, CIO Council Member
  • Daniel Gruia, CIO Council Member
  • Moderator: Bogdan Tudor, Vice-president CIO Council Romania

16:05- 16:10 Conclusions
Moderator: Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania


<p><strong>Birger Ferber</strong></p>

Birger Ferber

AI Lead of the Data Centric Workloads and Solutions Group (DCWS) in EMEA, Dell Technologies

Details here

<p><strong>Eugen Schwab-Chesaru</strong></p>

Eugen Schwab-Chesaru

Vice President for Romania and Eastern Europe, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC)

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<p><strong>Bogdan Ioniță</strong></p>

Bogdan Ioniță

Systems Engineer, Dell Technologies

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<p><strong>Bogdan Tudor</strong></p>

Bogdan Tudor

Vice-president CIO Council Romania
<p><strong>Dragos Stănescu</strong></p>

Dragos Stănescu

CIO Syngenta, CIO Council Member

Details here

<p><strong>George Lazăr</strong></p>

George Lazăr

CIO Council Member

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<p><strong>Daniel Gruia</strong></p>

Daniel Gruia

CIO Council Member

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<p><strong>Yugo Neumorni </strong></p>

Yugo Neumorni 

CIO Council President

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