CIO Talks. Stories about Data, Technology, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

8th December 2021


There are people who SPEAK about digital transformation and people who DO digital transformation. Transforming the business through technology means to bring cultural change to the organizations and tangible benefits while changing the processes and the operations.

Digital transformation is not only about replacing or implementing a new IT system. The entire business is transforming, generating new business models, new organization structures and new business processes and sometimes inclusion challenges. Diversity Equality and Inclusion became an important objective for the organizations and society

CIOs and the IT departments have a fundamental role in transforming the businesses. Latest trends and technologies and the supplier ecosystems are the facilitators for the new digital world.

CIO Council proposes a webinar to explore two main subjects: how to change the organization culture through technology aligning with the DEI principles and how to extract the value from the data and to bring order to the operational chaos with Content Management platforms.  We are bringing you real stories and real people that are “doers” not “talkers”.

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 14.00 – 14.05  Introduction
Moderator: Yugo Neumorni – President CIO Council Romania


14.05 – 14.25  Session title: Catalyze organizational change with technology

Overview: We’re living in the decade of change. From business processes to infrastructure and tools, to climate change and social awareness. DEI becomes more and more relevant to the global audience. Bogdan from Adore Me and Horia from Google will share some stories about data, tech and DEI and meaningful and quantifiable impact on organization and customers around the world.

Horia Niculescu – Customer Engineer, Smart Analytics, Google
Bogdan Lucaciu – Chief Technology Officer, Adore Me


14.25- 14.45  Session title:  Bringing Order to Companies’ Knowledge, Documents and Processes
Overview: Managing organisations’ knowledge, be it documents, data, or business cases is of utmost importance. Making it easily accessible to employees and enabling its automated journey throughout the organization can improve business’ flexibility and responsiveness while enhancing efficiency. We will exemplify this with clear case studies from companies that have brought order to their operational chaos with Content Management platforms.
Speaker: Horia Negulescu – Founder & Managing Partner, Matricia Solutions


14.45 – 15.05  Session title: The race to data maturity: is your business as far ahead as you think?
Overview: The path to #datamaturity is often more complex than business leaders anticipate. But it’s worth it: our research shows that the fastest growing companies are also the most data mature.

  • Being data-driven is no longer optional; it’s required
  • Seven ways to help your business bridge data maturity gaps and drive growth.

Speaker: Horațiu Nistor – Senior Manager IT Audit & Advisory, Mazars România


15.05 – 15.55 Panel: Driving Diversity and Inclusion with Digital Transformation

  • How DEI Contributes to Digital Transformation for companies and society?
  • Data Is the New Oil of the Digital Economy. How can I extract and use data?
  • How technologies change organizational cultures.
  • Customers go to digital channels. How do CIOs and companies respond?
  • New business and IT strategies and practices to stay competitive. How to go digital?
  • Key factors and practical strategies to embrace technology

George Lazar – CIO Council Romania Board Member
Adrian Blidaruș – CEO, Softelligence
Dorian Hodorogea – Customer Engineer for Smart Analytics, Google CEE
Dragoș Dincă – CIO Council Member
Moderator: Yugo Neumorni – President CIO Council Romania


15.55 – 16.00
Moderator: Yugo Neumorni – President CIO Council Romania


<p><strong>Dorian Hodorogea </strong></p>

Dorian Hodorogea

Customer Engineer for Smart Analytics Google CEE

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<p><strong>Adrian Blidaruș </strong></p>

Adrian Blidaruș

CEO, Softelligence

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<p><strong>Horia Niculescu</strong></p>

Horia Niculescu

Customer Engineer, Smart Analytics, Google

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<p><strong>George Lazăr</strong></p>

George Lazăr

Board Member CIO Council

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<p><strong>Horațiu Nistor</strong></p>

Horațiu Nistor

Senior Manager IT Audit & Advisory, Mazars România

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<p><strong>Bogdan Lucaciu</strong></p>

Bogdan Lucaciu

Chief Technology Officer, Adore Me

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<p><strong>Dragoș Dincă</strong></p>

Dragoș Dincă

CIO Council Member

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<p><strong>Horia Negulescu</strong></p>

Horia Negulescu

Founder & Managing Partner Matricia Solutions

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<p><strong>Yugo Neumorni</strong></p>

Yugo Neumorni

CIO Council President, Moderator

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Some presentations or panel discussions may be held in English. There will also be a live chat where you may ask questions during the webcast.

Participation to this webcast is free of charge and based on confirmed registration.

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