CIO Talks. Cyber Resilience tools for critical infrastructures.

Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 14.00 -17.00


CIOs and companies put cybersecurity on top of their agendas building Cyber resilience and zero trust architectures. While cyber-attacks may succeed to penetrate critical networks eventually, the companies need sophisticated monitoring and detection tools and automated responses to the attacks. CIOs need to be equipped with Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics tools that automatically identify the threats from multiple environments, earlier in the attack cycles and provide real-time responses.

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14.00 – 14.05 (5 min) Introduction: Yugo Neumorni – President CIO Council
14.05 – 14.25 (20 min)

Session title: Securing the enterprise and minimising risk in a MultiCloud world
Overview: A sustainable MultiCloud strategy is critical to driving competitive differentiation. As businesses prepare to take advantage of the opportunities within the emerging digital economy, security and operational resiliency is central to driving growth and accelerating innovation.  Arash will discuss Dell technologies approach to security transformation and operational resiliency, where security will be the catalyst for innovation and driving business growth.
Speaker: Arash Ghazanfari, UK Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies
14.25- 14.45 (20 min)
Session title: Case study: How to discover and monitor all internet-facing assets
Two demos from Romanian critical infrastructures companies about how to provide a complete, accurate and continuously updated inventory of all global internet-facing assets. This allows to CISO and companies how to discover, evaluate, and mitigate cyber attack surface risks. You can also flag risky communications, evaluate supplier risk and assess the security of acquired companies with Cortex Xpanse
Speaker: Tudor Cristea, Regional Manager Cortex, Eastern Europe & Russia, Palo Alto Networks
14.45 – 15.05 (20 min)

Session title: See What Matters Most – Automate intelligence from IBM Security Qradar
Overview: Today, many organizations are facing unprecedented cyber security challenges. COVID-19 caused a massive shift to remote work and increases in phishing attacks, ransomware continues to plague organizations across all industries, and privacy regulations continue to proliferate, including even higher fines for non-compliance.

As recent threats like ransomware, including successful attacks against the largest fuel pipeline and the largest meat supplier in the United States have shown, the threat landscape has crossed over from the digital world to the physical.

This is not only costing organizations millions of dollars in ransom, recovery, and remediation efforts, this also impacts consumers and damages organizational brand reputations. As an example, IBM X-Force reported that over 1,700 schools and colleges were affected by ransomware last year.

One elementary school in California lost access to teacher payroll, grades and lesson plans. In another example, the City of New Orleans, which fell victim to a ransomware attack in December 2019, refused to pay the ransom, taking over nine months and $7 million to fully recover their systems.

This presentation discusses some of the key pain points that organizations are experiencing on their digital journeys, and how IBM Security QRadar can help solve some of those pain points.

Speaker: Florin Marinache, Technical Consultant, Romsym Data
15.05 – 15.55 (50 min) PANEL

Overview: “There are two types of companies” a wise man once said: “Those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.
Cyber defense no longer depends on people skills but on the tools they are using for automated detection and protection. Critical infrastructures with a large surface of attacks desperately need tools to protect against ransomware and sophisticated attacks not because of NIS2 or other regulations but to protect the business and the reputation.

  • What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in supporting cyber defense?
  • How can CIO and CISO protect companies with large geographical coverage to mitigate surface attack?
  • Best protection against ransomware.
  • Is “Cybersecurity as a Service” a road to follow for IT departments?
  • Is remote work still generating cyber security challenges? If yes, what are they and how can we mitigate them?
  • Are the critical infrastructures ready for NIS2 regulations?
  • How to detect the early stages of a sophisticated attack?
  • Zero trust architectures


Florin Prunea, SR Advisor for IT & OPERATIONS, First bank , CIO Council Member
Cătălina Dodu, Country Manager, Atos IT Solutions and Services Romania
Magda Jianu, Head of Commercial Business, Eastern Europe, Poland, Russia/CIS & Turkey, Palo Alto Networks
Bogdan Ștefănescu, CEE Channel Sales Specialist | Unstructured Data Solutions , Dell Technologies

Yugo Neumorni, President CIO Council Romania , Moderator



<p><strong>Tudor Cristea</strong></p>

Tudor Cristea

Regional Manager Cortex, Eastern Europe & Russia, Palo Alto Networks

Details here

<p><strong>Florin Marinache</strong></p>

Florin Marinache

Technical Consultant, Romsym Data

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<p><strong>Magda Jianu </strong></p>

Magda Jianu 

Head of Commercial Business, Eastern Europe, Poland, Russia/CIS & Turkey, Palo Alto Networks

Details here

<p><strong>Florin Prunea</strong></p>

Florin Prunea

SR Advisor for IT & OPERATIONS, First bank ,CIO Council Member

Details here

<p><strong>Cătălina Dodu</strong></p>

Cătălina Dodu

Country Manager, Atos IT Solutions and Services Romania

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<p><strong>Bogdan Ștefănescu</strong></p>
<p> </p>

Bogdan Ștefănescu


CEE Channel Sales Specialist | Unstructured Data Solutions , Dell Technologies

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<p><strong>Arash Ghazanfari</strong></p>

Arash Ghazanfari

UK Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies

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<p><strong>Yugo Neumorni</strong></p>

Yugo Neumorni

President CIO Council Romania , Moderator

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