CARIERE no. 265, martie 2020 CARIERE no. 265, martie 2020 Citește-te acum

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. The good the bad the ugly

SESSION 2: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics . The good the bad the ugly

We are witnessing an exponential growth in number of connected devices. We are talking about cultural perspectives when it comes the adoption of AI in business and personal life. We are concerned about globalization and digital economy. All of these, in numbers, over passed our expectations.

We are looking with hopes and concerns on AI & Robotics. It is a promise for better. Faster. Easier. However, cyber security, social, political and economical aspects needs not to be forgotten.


  • Machine learning applied in behavior management – how log management analysis can be used for pattern behavior
  • Ethics in applied AI
  • Threat intelligence – where to start worrying
  • How to better balance the rapid development of the landscape with the needs for security and associated costs
  • Societal and technological paradigm shift: where to begin
  • Trust and transparency. In AI models, algorithms & systems and controlling procedures
  • Compliance with privacy regulation and information security practices
  • AI in a cultural context
  • ML and AI in the identification of attack patterns / target to attacks
  • What are the real improvements in threat detection with AI?
  • Will AI be involved in countering misinformation and fake news for safeguarding free speech?
  • Cyber security culture in organizations
  • Are we prepared to address the challenges arising from increasing and emerging threats and the new hybrid threat landscape in cyber space?

CARIERE no. 265, martie 2020 CARIERE no. 265, martie 2020 Citește-te acum