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Bogdan Tudor

Vicepresident CIO Council

Bogdan is leading the biggest Romanian owned IT services & support company. He founded Class IT in 2001 with the goal to provide businesses with exceptional and innovative IT support solutions while creating a company culture that empower people and created a special work environment, the StarTech Team.

Bogdan believes that Romanian IT specialists are positioned at the very best level in the global IT industry and his ambition is to put Romania on the global map of IT support services, creating a local brand that is recognized international.

From 1999 to 2004 he had a major contribution to the development of Internet access in Romania, helped the construction of one of the first local ISPs that reached a 10 million Euro exit in 2004 to RDS/RCS and improved the internet access for millions of Romanian users both in terms of traffic speed and time to access, installing the first CEE root name-server in Bucharest and building RONIX, the first local Inter-exchange network.

Bogdan grew up in Bucharest, started programming in BASIC on a Spectrum Computer at a very early age, got his first job as a programmer in high-school, completed his engineering degree with University Politehnica in Bucharest and concluded his studies with and EMBA degree with KSU/Asebuss in 2005, followed by a Harvard Decision Making degree in 2011 and a MIT Global Entrepreneurship Development program in 2013.

He is proud of being Romanian and heading his (Star Tech) team “where no one has gone before”.