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Tap Your Innovation Genius


An engaging exploration of:

  • The prime cornerstones of innovation 
  • Billionaire Innovation Genius (BIG) secrets
  • The Innovation Ignition Question for discovering and blueprinting your brightest future.

The keynote speaker will be Matthew K. Cross. He is the founder and CEO of the Leadership Alliance, a personalized consulting firm working with Fortune 100 organizations and elite institutions such as Stanford University. He is the world’s leading priority strategist, and a celebrated speaker and author. Among the companies with which Matthew K. Cross has collaborated include: Bank of America, ING, BlackRock, Allianz, Merrill Lynch, UBS, Home Depot, Qlik.

Specialist in the Hoshin North Star, athlete and visionary, Matthew offers through his work a guide for innovative leadership, genius, alignment and performance of organizations, teams and people. Cross’s next book, “The Most Successful Business Story Never Say”, is dedicated to the systems and principles behind the world’s most successful, innovative organizations.

Among his previously published titles we mention: The Hoshin NorthStar Process: Set your priorities straight in 7 Steps; The Millionaire’s Map; Nature’s Secret Nutrient-Golden Ratio Biomimcry for PEAK health, Performance & Longevity; The Little Book of the Romanian Wisdom; The Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence.

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