3rd ISACA Romania Chapter Annual Conference
November 20, 2019,Hotel CARO, Bucharest

Back in time nobody imagined or anticipated the speed of the innovation. The growth. The many faces. The impact. The Challenges.

The actual explosion of technology gathers continuously in the past years, consumers, business leaders, regulators on the same table to discuss and debate on the best approach for keeping the pace.
Machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, digitalization, transformation, data privacy, cyber security, are documented topics, so we aim for exciting debates and shared experience together.

Join us for the 3rd ISACA Romanian chapter conference and meet with specialists, relevant technology players and key industry leaders to explore the many faces of the technology today.

SESSION 1: Automated frameworks. City of gods

Information security is governed by an ever-increasing number of best practice guidelines and industry regulation. At the same time, enterprises have a higher degree of digitalization, allowing for a rising number of automated controls.
SOAR, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response is becoming as common as ERP in the cyber security world. Does it work? How does it work?


  • Automated control in automated enterprises – how the governance and controls framework transform with RPA adoption
  • Product owner versus risk manager – who hold the truth?
  • How bright is the brighter side of RPAs?
  • Is the business process analysis the success key? How about resources?
  • Impact of technological versus societal changes in creation of new products
  • Responsibilities and/ on awareness
  • Compliance aspects – NIS & GDPR
  • Control frameworks – are we really able to control disruption?

SESSION 2: Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. The good the bad the ugly

We are witnessing an exponential growth in number of connected devices. We are talking about cultural perspectives when it comes the adoption of AI in business and personal life. We are concerned about globalization and digital economy. All of these, in numbers, over passed our expectations.
We are looking with hopes and concerns on AI & Robotics. It is a promise for better. Faster. Easier. However, cyber security, social, political and economical aspects need not to be forgotten.


  • Machine learning applied in behavior management – how log management analysis can be used for pattern behavior
  • Ethics in applied AI
  • Threat intelligence – where to start worrying
  • How to better balance the rapid development of the landscape with the needs for security and associated costs
  • Societal and technological paradigm shift: where to begin
  • Trust and transparency. In AI models, algorithms & systems and controlling procedures
  • Compliance with privacy regulation and information security practices
  • AI in a cultural context
  • ML and AI in the identification of attack patterns / target to attacks
  • What are the real improvements in threat detection with AI?
  • Will AI be involved in countering misinformation and fake news for safeguarding free speech?
  • Cyber security culture in organizations
  • Are we prepared to address the challenges arising from increasing and emerging threats and the new hybrid threat landscape in cyber space?

SESSION 3: Data privacy. There will be blood

Looking back, seems ages since the framework has been launched, this being still a topic on everybody’s agenda, affecting both our personal and professional life.
Now we have guidelines, best practices, dedicated teams in dedicated institutions for supporting and guiding us.
And with all of these we still we are concerned.
We feel the pressure and the struggle in how to better interpret, apply and implement the principles.        And, of great importance, educate the society and ensure the most appropriate awareness.
The speed and pace of innovative technology and business models, and the enormous amount of data needs to be safely processed and protected across the EU and beyond.
What we can do more and how is the best way to prioritise?


  • How privacy regulations are adapting to the pace of innovation
  • Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications – what is expected
  • Maturity level of Romanian market
  • What we learned until now
  • How can we increase the level of trust while number of breaches is increasing
  • AI, privacy and the ethics – where to start;



Deepinder Chhabra

President/Chair of the ISACA London Chapter


Grațiela Măgdălinoiu

President ISACA Romania


Yugo Neumorni

President CIO Council Moderator



For this event, ISACA members are granted credits according to association policies.

We expect to be joined by: IT&IS consultants / advisory; IT & IS auditors; Business analyst; CIOs, CEOs, CSOs, CTOs; Security/ cybersecurity consultant/ specialist/ manager; Engineers, Compliance; Academic teachers; Project managers; Risk management; Technology/ information system/ networking/ operations.

Participation fees: 100 euro ( + VAT) – online payment here


For groups of 3 persons, or more, 15% discount will apply.

ISACA members – Complimentary

For CIO Council, ISC2 and OWASP members, 25% discount will apply – online payment here


For further questions and registration we kindly invite you to contact Ms. Laura Gheboianu, project manager, via mobile: 0726768079 or via e-mail: [email protected] 


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